Employee Benefits

WBG provides employee benefit programs that help employers recruit and retain the best talent without sacrificing the bottom line.

Human Capital

Employees_86543143_squareWBG’s human capital division provides employers with the tools and resources needed to keep your employees emotionally and physically healthy.

Risk Management & Benefits Administration

WBG offers a full range of services designed to help you control benefit costs and stay in compliance with ever-changing laws and regulations.

Performance Solutions, Effective Employee Strategies – We’ve spent our careers helping organizations maximize their human capital and the benefits that they receive.  Our clients receive the tools and resources needed to improve their people to enhance their business. Let our team help you successfully design, communicate and implement these programs to fit your specific needs, corporate culture and strategic plan. We provide the catalyst to help business achieve long-term aggressive growth.

Beginning in 2014, new rules go into effect that may have a significant effect on employer-sponsored health plans. Many employers are confused by how these changes will impact them. Compounding the uncertainty is the fact that the rules will have dramatically different effects on different employers based on factors such as employer size, employee demographics, and current plan designs. Reforms under the Affordable Care Act will change how health care is financed, delivered and regulated. WBG is committed to helping our clients understand the law and how it will affect them for years to come.